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Power Bi

Empower team members to discover insights hidden in your data.

Data is only valuable if it’s easily accessible

Right now, your organization has data that lives in a lot of different places. Different teams use
different tools, and many users create work-arounds for their own processes.

With Power BI, we can help centralize and collect all relevant data and display specific information
for specific teams

Connect to data quickly

  • Utilize streaming technology to see real time data.
  • Connecto to many of your favorite assets (Dynamics 265, mail Chimp, Quickbooks, and more!)
  • Create reactive dashboards to uncover treands.
  • Build apps to quickly deliver dashboard sets to your staff.
  • Secure data by user roles.

Technology succeeds when users adopt

Technology is a powerful tool for businesses today. But equally, if not more important than the tech itself, is ensuring that your organization integrates these tools around the correct processes, to ensure user adoption.

That’s why we take the time to not only interface with your IT team but spend time with the actual users within your organization. We want to understand how their process really goes today so that we can ensure we’re configuring the technology correctly to equip them to succeed.

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